Internet World Map 2007

This study shows how the Internet is distributed across the entire world, as it can be appreciated at a first sight, North America and Europe concentrate the two largest groups of Internet assets with a total share of 22.5% for Europe and doubling this number 55.9% for North America.

Therefore it can be said that both regions represent a total 77.4% of the global Internet structure having Asia being the next one in the list with a share of 14%. The image bellow uses colored dots to represent the distribution and is expressed in number of IP addresses per dot.


Geographic area Number of addresses Percentage
Africa 40241664 1.519%
Antartica 15620 0.001%
Asia 371297015 14.015%
Caribbean 1681866 0.063%
Central America 2557340 0.097%
Europe 569838903 21.510%
Middle East 12011131 0.453%
North America 1481754661 55.932%
Oceania 76417711 2.885%
South America 93409304 3.525%


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